7m x 3m Garden Office/Room
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7m x 3m Garden Office/Room

by beddy512 » Mon Jul 25, 2022 8:51 pm

I'm planning to put up a standalone garden office/room in my back garden - 3m x 7m.

The outbuildings will occupy less than 50% of the curtilage.

It's going to run along the boundary wall, so will be less than 1m from the boundary of the neighbouring property.

It will be 2.5m high.

My plan is to construct it from block work and have it rendered to match the house - therefore mainly non-combustible materials.

I've attached a plan of where i plan to locate it.

Based on the above do you agree that falls within permitted development and therefore, I would not need to notify the planning dept or seek building regs approval?

If I decide to have a toilet/sink in the building (I’d tap into the existing foul drain) would I need to notify building regs then?

Thanks for your help.
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