Adding a Toilet to existing Bathroom
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Adding a Toilet to existing Bathroom

by Irish_Rams » Tue Oct 03, 2023 2:24 pm

Looking for some advice on possibilities before I get someone in to quote on the job.

I have a main bathroom which has no toilet(the toilet is in a separate room next to our ensuite and ripping it out to create a bigger ensuite) and looking to install a toilet in there as it will stay the main bathroom but needs a toilet.

The issue is the main stack on the outside of the house is on the side of the house and the main bathroom is on the opposite end at the front of the house so not really near the main stack.

I have heard of Macerator toilets to solve issues like this but am not keen on one and we already have one in a dormer bathroom and not a fan of it.

So want to check what other options I have from installing a whole new outside pipework that could run into a foul drain direct or somehow connect to the existing stack.

Or somehow running the pipework internally(new toilet is only across the landing to where the existing ensuite/separate toilet are that connect to the main stack) and connecting to the main stack.

Not sure if makes a difference but the new toilet would be above our large hallway and we also have several cellars rooms as it is the floor layout of the house so not sure if an option to run the pipe internally down through the hallway into the cellar and over to the existing stack etc

I know cost wise there will be differences but more looking at what is possible to avoid having to fit a macerator and then looking at the benefit versus cost


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