Adding to older wiring
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Adding to older wiring

by nibbs » Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:51 pm

Hi everyone
This is probably very obvious to some here but I've been trying to understand some of the wiring in my garage (connected to house). The house is fairly new, being built around 1997.
Looking at installing some new outside/PIR lights as an add-on to what is already there but tracing the wiring it becomes very confusing...

Supply is taken as a spur from the upstairs sockets (drilled though into the garage) - this goes to a 3A FCU which supplies the garage light. The supply then carries on to the other side of the garage to a single switched socket. All of that looks original to the house. However....

From that socket another cable goes out of an air brick (!) and into the shed, which is next to the back of the garage, where it supplies a light and a double socket.

From the live side of the FCU, another cable goes to another FCU (5A) which then goes to a junction box - from this a cable goes back through the wall, along the back wall (outside) before coming back inside to the back of the outside light switch - this switched supply feeds a security light on the back wall (150W I think) with the twin and earth cable being clipped to the wall. Finally, a third cable leaves the junction box to go all the wall around the outside of the house (at about 10' off the floor) before supplying the outside light at the front (60W).

Sorry for the long post but it is quite complicated!

So the questions are:
1. Is this safe?
2. Would changing the front light to a double unit with PIR require changing all the supply wiring?
3. Would any change require the whole lot to be redesigned to comply with part P?
4. Would a new outside light have to have its cables inside a conduit?

Many thanks

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by BLAKEY1963 » Sat Mar 21, 2009 9:03 am

This type of improvement comes under part p regs.
you would b wise 2 seek the advice of a part p registered electrician.

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