Advice Needed as Neighbours Want to Join new Extension onto my Existing Extension
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Advice Needed as Neighbours Want to Join new Extension onto my Existing Extension

by Bojangles321 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:27 am


Advice needed please!

I currently live in a link semi detached property (attached to neighbours our garages). My property was extended above my garage roughly in the 1980s and has a flat roof with guttering at the side, which hangs over my neighbours garage.

My neighbour has recently informed me that they would like do do the same but also with a hip to gable loft conversion too.

I am very concerned about the work required regarding digging new foundations right next to mine but mostly concerned about the fact that they say the want to join their proposed new side extension onto my existing extension and have asked me to remove my guttering in order for them to do that.

They haven't applied for planning permission yet and have just mentioned it in passing with a view to us having a further discussion.

I do not object to them extending their property but I do not want their extension joining onto mine as it basically turns both properties into terraced/town houses.

I will object to this obviously on these grounds but I wanted some advice how successful my objection would be?

My initial thoughts would be that due to the age of my existing extension and if I object to them joining their extension being joint onto it, then they could not do it and have to submit plans building away from my property, leaving a reasonable gap for maintenance etc. Also regarding the guttering - as it's been in place for 30+ years I'm hoping there's nothing can be done with it and will just have to be left as is

I know a little bit about the party wall act but I'm hoping that wouldn't come into play.

I get on well with my neighbours and don't want to fall out!

Any advice is welcome please! Thanks a lot

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Re: Advice Needed as Neighbours Want to Join new Extension onto my Existing Extension

by DaveyTed » Wed Feb 12, 2020 8:49 pm

If you have built your extension side wall tight to your boundary your neighbour could do the same same and there would be no gap giving the impression of terraced properties even with two independent walls.
If their foundations are dug tight to yours I understand a party wall agreement could come into play. Assuming your foundations are wider than the flank wall they may encroach on your neighbour's ground and be disturbed when his footings are dug, hence needing a party wall agreement.
Good luck and try not to fall out with your neighbours.

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