Advice on New Gas Fire and Chimney Stack Removal
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Advice on New Gas Fire and Chimney Stack Removal

by Belcheee » Mon Aug 16, 2021 1:10 pm

Hi, just after some clarification after getting conflicting advice regarding a chimney stack removal and gas fire replacement.

The existing chimney stack has been leaking into the bedroom at the top of the wall. We have tried sealing, repointing, etc and been told there is not much more that can be done other than stack removal. Apparently other houses in the area have had similar issues and it is the bricks that are the problem (the house was built in 1934).
The builder has recommended removing the stack completely to get rid of the problem which makes sense.

We have a gas fire in the lounge that uses the chimney stack for the flue. The options we have been given going forward with stack removal are:
1. electric fire
2. gas fire with balanced flue

We don't want an electric fire, and have since been told that gas fires using balanced flues are very expensive (quoted around £1000). There is also the difficulty that the wall the balanced flue would fit on sticks out onto next door's side access - hopefully they will not protest it but it may be an issue.

What we don't understand is why a new flue cannot be inserted through the roof where the existing chimney stack is (once the stack is removed). We haven't been given a straight answer as to why we can't continue to use a gas fire and have a flue coming out of the roof.
I believe that the recess the existing gas fire uses in the lounge wall is narrower than usual if that affects anything (but like I say our existing fire uses it fine). I should also point out the existing gas fire is around 30 years old.

Please could anyone advise on whether balanced flue fires are as expensive as we've been told, and also what the issue is with a new flue coming out of the roof?
We're at the mercy of the builders and gas fitters we've already had out but feel we are getting conflicting information now.


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Re: Advice on New Gas Fire and Chimney Stack Removal

by stoneyboy » Tue Aug 17, 2021 10:19 pm

Hi belcheee
Have you considered putting a stainless flue liner down the chimney? This should solve your problems and be considerably cheaper than complete chimney removal.
Regards S

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