Advice on rebuilding a chimney breast in potential new house
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Advice on rebuilding a chimney breast in potential new house

by jaylockwood1978 » Tue May 11, 2021 8:49 pm

Hi, first post here and not sure this is the right category but we are looking at buying a new home which needs a lot of work but we love a period fireplace in a chimney breast and the period cupboard and shelving that goes in the alcoves.
The house we are buying seems to have a flat interior wall with a very dated fire attached. We presumed the chimney breast has been removed but looking at the photos, it is visible from the outside. Would this chimney breast need rebuilding internally in order to get what we want?
Ive attached a photo of their interior wall as it looks now and the exterior wall.

Thank you so much and sorry if it is a stupid question.

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