Air vent and internal damp
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Air vent and internal damp

by cudworth78 » Wed Nov 01, 2023 1:42 pm

As you can see from pics, I have an air vent that is pretty much level with driveway. Driveway was here when we bought the house and I assume they built up to this level. Other pics show damp areas on either side of a wall closest to the air vent. Any thoughts please? Is rain water getting in the vent and causing this damp or is the cold air passing through the vent and causing moisture to condense at these points? What do you suggest? Thanks

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Re: Air vent and internal damp

by stoneyboy » Fri Nov 03, 2023 10:20 pm

Hi cudworth78,
Presumably you have suspended floors and these at at or higher the the top of the blue brick course, also that you have cavity walls. If these are correct the grille should be ventilating under the floor and should be sleeved through both walls.
It’s unlikely that cold air from the grille would cause the dampness, more likely is debris in the cavity.
Regards S

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