Amana Side-by-Side Freezer Temp Alert Mystery
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Amana Side-by-Side Freezer Temp Alert Mystery

by arshia » Tue Jul 19, 2016 8:41 pm


I have an issue with my Amana side-by-side fridge, where the freezer part is not cooling properly / regularly and up to now intervention of a repair professional has not solved the issue.

The model reference is XRSS287BB, a side-by-side freezer + refrigerator.

The freezer part started showing temperature alerts (beep + red temperature light flashing) and obvious temperature drop in the freezer part. We unplugged the fridge and restarted it, which seemed to solve temporarily the issue, which occurred again after a few hours.

The electronic boards (main + panel) were then replaced but the problem appeared again.

Then the compressor was replaced.

The problem disappeared - but only for a while. It has happened again, although more rarely (restarting the fridge solves it now for a few days).

More precisely, I have measured the temperature inside the fridge and the freezer.

In "normal" operation (when there is no freezer temperature alert), I measure :
+3°C in fridge part (set at +5°C, so fridge is a little colder than what it should be)
-15°C in freezer part (set at -21°C, so freezer is a little warmer than what it should be)
Notably, setting the freezer at -21°C or -18°C does not change very much the temperature in normal operation, which remains around -15°C.

When the freezer temperature alert occurs, I measure :
+3°C in fridge part (set at +5°C, so no change in the fridge part)
-5°C in freezer part (set at -21°C, so freezer is much warmer than what it should be)

I have noticed that when left a few hours, without restarting, and with the temperature alert still flashing, the freezer temperature reaches again -15°C, so getting closer to "normal" state (although still warmer than the -21°C setting).

Also, when I restart the fridge, it goes to "normal" state (+3°C/-15°C in fridge/freezer for a setting of +5°C/-21°C).

Having changed the power board, the panel board, and the compressor, I'm a bit lost and so seems to be my repair guy - knowing that Amana fridges are not usual in France where I live.

I am thinking about 3 possible issues after visiting some American forums and looking at cases which had something in common with mine (although I could not find anything identical) :
- thermistor
- damper control
- defrost timer

Unfortunately, when I have asked my question on American forums I did not get any answer as this is a European Amana model ...

Any idea or hint would be mostly welcome !

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Re: Amana Side-by-Side Freezer Temp Alert Mystery

by Zadok » Sat Sep 07, 2019 7:55 am

I had a similar problem, found out the defrost didn't work so the Amana fridge compartment stopped cooling when there was too much ice buildup. Tried replacing the defrost timer but no improvement. What eventually fixed the problem is putting little balls of aluminum foil inside the molex connector of the defrost circuit. Turns out when it was too cold the contact broke because the metal was contracting inside them. Frustrating to diagnose as every-time I checked it was fine because of the warmth introduced when opening the door for long. Two years of swearing, now 8 without a problem.

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