Any Advice on What new Miter saw to go for?
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Dr. Strange
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Any Advice on What new Miter saw to go for?

by Dr. Strange » Sat Apr 06, 2019 10:15 am

Hey everyone,

I have recently been looking at getting a new miter saw. I have done a bit of research so far I have been a fan of Milwaukee and Dewalt so far but wanted to see what others say are the best and what the pros and cons are.

Thank you,

Hugh Schkok
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Re: Any Advice on What new Miter saw to go for?

by Hugh Schkok » Sun Apr 21, 2019 10:41 pm

Firs off the bat. I am not physically involved in construction . However my Man Cave/workshop is a holy shrine and I have built mine for use by a disabled person (me). I have used a plethora of tools and accessories and wherever possible I will make my own jigs and so far have made far better one's that can be bought off the shelf. Power tools are different. Festools are made from gold hewn from the bowels of the earth by slaves as young as 5 and moulded into high end tools labelled Festool and priced at the same levels as Irridium. Did it cut as well as my Bosch I was looking to replace? Yes. Did it appear and behave safer? Yes. Was I duped? Yes. I had bought into a label. How stooped did I fell. Next I bought into an ol' buddy of mine for many years DeWalt an offspring of Maryland USA. It did every thing it said on the tin. However it was not 'cheap'.

So I threw caution to the wind and went to one of the finest places on the planet; a car boot sale. I bought into an unbadged chop saw the turntable was easy to rotate and easy to lock I place. the blade was keen and stable (as in no wobble as my DeWalt hade become infected with) . I plugged it in and it has been reliably used most days while in my man cave.
I also bought a Workmate from the vendor and after a haggle ans a threat to cut off his puppy's ears I moved away about to be £12.50 poorer and he loaded it in my van car that I transport my scooter in. Next I bought a good quality bench vice and again haggled then feigned a heart attack apologising to the guy it has got worse since my wife left me and so my life is now ruined but for a bench vice. Another discount was offered and so I also bought a set of callipers, a box of almost new half inch router bits and a help the aged cap he through in for free. He then took it and loaded it in my car and my 'sister' was there to unlock it for him. On his return I asked him
how much do I owe? With a caring smile said "give me a tenner". I thanked him and said I could now go to the supermarket and buy an egg for my lunch.

Some great tools and happy people along the way. On my way out I pocked up a set of almost new wood chisels. I cant remember the brand just now but a check on eBay showed they would cost new around £30 I got for £4 down from £10. They only valid way to see something is to open your eyes and look. Labels are for marketing, it the tool(s) that do the work A great day at the car bootie huh? By the way can I interest you in a DeWalt chop saw at a fraction of the retail price (well that of 2009 The blade may need some minor attention and so to the arbour but a super tool none the less yours for the very low price of £189.

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