Best Fixings for Fixing Heavy Bedroom Wall Cupboards to Wall
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Best Fixings for Fixing Heavy Bedroom Wall Cupboards to Wall

Post by Munky » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:31 pm

Hi all,

I have some pretty heavy bedroom cupboards that I need to hang (one is a double and one is a single). They are pretty heavy and will obviously be heavier when filled. They will be hung side by side to be one long unit.

As these are not kitchen cupboards they have no mounting brackets built in and are just solid backs with no cut outs etc. For them to be fitted. The wall I will be fixing to is solid (concrete or brick I assume although have not yet drilled into them to be 100% sure which). My problem is that children will be in the vicinity and our new born sleeps in a next to me style cot that is not too far away from where these units will be hung. For this reason I want to be more than 100% sure that they are fixed solid as them pulling off the wall doesn't bare thinking about. What is the best way to ensure a solid fix with absolutely no chance these will pull out under the weight over time? I am no diy expert but have an ounce of common sense and feel confident of doing fairly basic easy tasks as long as I have the correct tools to do so.

So what do you all suggest?

Fit brackets to the units to be same as kitchen wall units? If so best way to do so and brackets to use?

Fit directly to wall with some seriously long screws? If so what length screws, any particular plugs should I use and how many screws should I use and where would I place them?

Just pay a professional to fit to be safe? If so how much would I expect to pay for such a job? (My main concern for this is I know no trusted workmen as I'm new to the area and therefore worry they may not take my fears of units pulling out with my little bubba sleeping below said units quite as seriously as I do)

Any suggestions, help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Best Fixings for Fixing Heavy Bedroom Wall Cupboards to Wall

Post by Buildin » Fri Mar 16, 2018 5:42 pm

You cant put a price on piece of mind and if you're that worried get a handy person in.
If you do want to take it on there is a few things to think about.
How thick is the solid back and what material is it made of. Thicker the better
You have the best fixing possible in brick/concrete so you're onto a winner.
I'd probably put this on a french cleat as If I understand correctly its floating?
Just google french cleat and you'll see what I mean.
Cost wise it depends where in the country you live. It'll take half a day to day to do and materials are minimal. London probably £250-300


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