Bold Move for Sound Proofing a Shed Near Noisy Street
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Bold Move for Sound Proofing a Shed Near Noisy Street

by karrotman » Sun Jun 20, 2021 3:57 pm

Call me crazy. But we have no more room in the house and my wife is insisting I give up my office as another bedroom.

I do audio & visual recordings so need a sound tight room.

We have 20 x 15 space in the backyard which I plan on constructing a shed as sound tight as possible.

The street, a mere 20 feet away is VERY loud, it's a parkway.

My Plan:

1. Purchase this: ... 54675.html

2. While constructing, use the general wood frame and beams, but use soundproof sheetrock, room within a room, etc.

3. Completely seal up windows. I don't want any natural light in the room.

4. Use a MiniSplit unit for air/heat so the hole to outside is as small as possible.

I have no experience soundproofing but would love to take a stab at this.

Budget: $20,000

I bet the workers will charge ~$3,000, and the shed will run me about $4,000. That leaves around $13,000 for soundproofing & construction materials.

Feasible? If it's ~$5K more I can manage.

What do you think?

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