Bosch dishwasher, E25 code, but drain pump is working
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Bosch dishwasher, E25 code, but drain pump is working

by surferneil » Sun Oct 24, 2021 4:05 pm

Hi. Any help would be gratefully received! The Bosch Series 2 dishwasher has an E25 not draining code so I did all of the obvious things. Cleaned all of the filters. Removed the cover to the pump/impeller and cleaned it out.
Didn't seem to make any difference so I removed all the water from the bottom. Checked out the pump/impeller and it seems to spin just fine. The pipe leading away from it is clear as well.
What happens though - if I manually drain the water from the bottom at the start, it goes through its cycle, the drain pump makes the right noises but then when the bottom of the sump fills later in the cycle it can't seem to clear it. If I start the cycle again the pump sounds like it just comes on and then goes off a few times before giving up.
Is there something else that could be going on here? Is there something detecting the level of the water that tells the pump to pump?!
Thanks very much :)

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