Broken Brick After Putting up Brackets for Sun Canopy
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Broken Brick After Putting up Brackets for Sun Canopy

by Mickyrod » Wed May 09, 2018 2:12 pm

Hi everyone, this is my first post.
So yesterday I put up a new sun canopy to the wall of our extension. Needed to attach two brackets by drilling 2 12mm holes x 100mm for each of two brackets. First bracket went well. No problems. The second set of holes was not so easy. However, managed to do it and secure the bracket. Attached the sun canopy and the brick through which i drilled the holes has split. Today I extended the canopy, and the rawl plugs and bolt have started to pull out of the split brick.
Question is there anything i can do to kvercome the problem?
The hole goes through the brick and into the cavity. Is there such a thing as a bolt that i could use that is over 100mm long and gas a captive mechanism that would enable me to latch on to the rear of the brick and prevent the bolt from pullibg out.
Desperately need help or it will be 350 quid up the swany.

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