Building a free standing fence - will this idea work?
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Will this work?

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Building a free standing fence - will this idea work?

Post by jazzbal007 » Sun Aug 07, 2022 2:56 pm

Hi everyone - so I have a patio area with an open side to it that unfortunately opens out onto a shared driveway where cars can drive through. I want to make it safe for my kids so they don't have an urge to run out on that driveway. In the photo is a blue arrow which shows where the fence will go. I do not intend to use this as an actual fence all year round, just when the weather is good to basically use it as a privacy screen - rest of year I will just put it away or lie it down.


However, it is a rented property so I can't erect a proper fence.
I had the idea of taking a normal fence panel and applying essentially a set of legs to them.

I got the idea from this video where I just attach a corner joint/brace/legs to a normal 6*4 fence panel (I won't bother with creating the actual fence like the video shows). The main bit of the video is 2mins40seconds in where I add something like what I circled in the picture in red to the bottom of the fence to hopefully make it free-standing.

Corner joint.jpg

I wanted to ask this group if they think that would work and what materials I should use to do that as I will be doing it to a normal fence i.e. sizes/lengths/types of wood and what the corner thing is called.

I just want to give us some privacy and stop the kids running out when playing in summer for the few days of the year we can do that!

I am a completely new to this stuff as you can tell so please dumb it down as much as possible.

I really appreciate the help.
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Re: Building a free standing fence - will this idea work?

Post by stoneyboy » Tue Aug 09, 2022 9:06 pm

Hi jazbal007,
To answer your question, yes you proposal will work but the first gust of wind will blow the fence over.
Suggest you use crowd control barrier which will be cheaper if you buy 2nd hand.
Regards S

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