Cladding inside of small 1990's upvc conservatory
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Cladding inside of small 1990's upvc conservatory

by Harrycat27 » Mon Jun 21, 2021 4:46 pm

Hi there. I hope I am posting in the right place. We are about to move into our new home which has a fairly small 1990s UPVC conservatory on the back of it, only 2m by 2m or thereabouts. It looks very dated, and is glass floor to ceiling (each side is 4 panes, two top, two bottom). In the fullness of time we would like to knock it down and have a modern conservatory or similar built, but for the next two years whilst we tackle the rest of the house we would like to make it look more modern and stylish without spending more than a few hundred pounds.

The bottom panes of the glass are the most dated looking as they were detailed with a kind of curved frosting pattern which isn't to our taste. One idea I had, which maybe sound bananas, would be to clad all the bottom panes with vertical timbers, gluing each of them to the UPVC supports top and bottom with a suitably strong adhesive that would stick to both wood and UPVC. The timbers could then be painted and I thought it might make the room feel a little more enclosed.

I know it maybe sounds like bodge-DIY at its worst, but it wouldn't need to be permanent - it would just be good if it could look a little more contemporary for the time being until we can have the whole thing ripped out. Of course you might think that wooden cladding is dated, but it seems to be having a bit of a moment and I think it could look nice if accompanied with some decent furniture and houseplants.

My questions are - do you think it would work? Are there any issues I haven't considered? And if it would work, what would be best adhesive be for the job?

Many thanks and best wishes!

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