conservatory claim????
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conservatory claim????

by Arisands » Wed Dec 03, 2008 11:21 pm

A friend of mine has had a claim for subsidence on a conservatory the insurance company paid out think it was a 50/50 deal.
well my mate has now demolished the old conservatory and started to build a bigger replacement now the walls are up the insurance company have sent a loss adjuster round to have a look at the new conservatory and reported back to the insurance company, the insurance company are now saying they will not insure the new conservatory unless it is built to codes of practise?
I have looked for this code and cant find anything relating to conservatory construction as they don't have to conform to building regulations so what can he do?
can they insist on the conservatory being build to building regs when there no regs for a conservatory we are very confused
they could have told him before he started building the thing as he now may have to knock it down..

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