Countertop Basin Drainage and Lack of Space
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Countertop Basin Drainage and Lack of Space

by oAJAXo » Fri Oct 21, 2016 11:44 am

I'm planning a small bathroom and have decided to go for a counter-top hand basin.
The problem I have is space under the counter-top. The sink will be over a washer/dryer so I'm looking for advice on reducing the depth of the pipework under the counter. A washing machine is normally 85cms high. Counter-top 3cms. Basin 17Cms. That, plus some breathing space, is putting the top edge of the basin fairly high.
Can someone point me in the direction of a solution for reducing the depth of drainage pipework? Can the trap be further away with a flat pipe from the basin waste to the trap?
While the basin will only be for light use, it would be nice not to use a step ladder to wash our hands.
I'm not fitting this, I'm not a plumber. I'm looking to provide a solution before the professionals come round.

Many thanks .

lets have a look
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Re: Countertop Basin Drainage and Lack of Space

by lets have a look » Sun Oct 23, 2016 7:12 am

You could get a 32mm bend one end fits onto the 32mm pipe the other end has a 1/14 nut that screws onto the basin slotted waste, then put an inline trap further down

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