Dismantle & Reassamble New Fence Panel
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Dismantle & Reassamble New Fence Panel

by Gary-Baldi » Thu May 25, 2023 5:21 pm

I have a couple of overlap fence panels that need replacing, but my house and garden layout is extremely awkward so there is no access to the rear garden.
It is also a townhouse built into a hill so the front door is essentially the basement level with garden access from the kitchen on the first floor! It is not possible to gain access to the rear of the house through neighboring gardens.

Is it possible to partially/fully strip apart and reassemble a 6ft×6ft overlap fence panel to bring upstairs and reassamble before replacing the broken ones? There is a slim chance they will squeeze up the stairs but need a backup plan in case it is too tight.

I've exhausted internet searches that keep pointing me to basic repair and replace videos!

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Re: Dismantle & Reassamble New Fence Panel

by stoneyboy » Fri May 26, 2023 10:01 pm

Hi Gary-baldi,
In order to make an appreciable difference to the overall size of a 6x6 panel you will have to take it apart. If it’s a freshly made one you will have a good chance of removing nails without breaking too many parts but bear in mind that ring shank nails will have been used.
Possibly best to buy 2 6x3 panels and mount one on top of the other.
Regards S

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