Dust proofing an internal wall, previously a external wall.
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Dust proofing an internal wall, previously a external wall.

by Jahreissb » Thu Apr 27, 2023 8:59 am

We have extended the kitchen in our Victorian house so that it wraps around some original external wall. We would like to leave the brick work exposed in the finished kitchen.
So far we have cleaned off the remnants of a climbing rose and wall hydrangea, still clinging firmly and brushed the wall down occasionally using a wire brush for stubborn debris. Then we washed it all down, using plain water and a scrubbing brush.
It looks a lot better, now we want to know what to do next.
The house was a high quality build when new and the bricks are well faced and smooth and the wall has been repointed. However, it is still creating dust. I have read that PVA is used to seal internal brick walls, exposed internally, but these are external bricks. I am worried that sealing them fully will trap damp behind which can’t get out. However if I use a breathable sealant, that doesn’t apparently stop dust! In any event I don’t want to change the look of the bricks significantly. I certainly don’t want them to turn milky. Help me please. All advice welcome.

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