External wall insulation question
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External wall insulation question

by NDG94 » Sat Jan 14, 2023 10:53 am

Hi all

I live in a mid terraced property, had a single storey kitchen/diner extension rebuilt when I purchased the property.

One of the existing walls (party wall with a neighbour) was retained during the build, this is made up of two skins of brick and foolishly we did not think to add insulation to this side.

I am considering adding external wall insulation to this side (accessing via my neighbours back garden). This won’t be visible to me as it’s in my neighbours garden my question is are there any external wall insulation products I can add to this wall which don’t require a render on top?

Essentially I don’t care what the external wall insulation looks like as I won’t see it (have already spoken with neighbour and they don’t care either) and will be able to fit this myself. Or do all the external wall insulation boards/products require render or similar on top, which I wouldn’t be able to do myself.


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