Fitting Hive thermostat to a Worcester Greenstar 32CDi boiler
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Fitting Hive thermostat to a Worcester Greenstar 32CDi boiler

Post by colinsmith » Sun Mar 19, 2023 1:23 pm

I have fitted a Hive single channel thermostat to my Worcester Greenstar 32CDi boiler to replace the existing Comfort II RF thermostat.

I removed the link for the Central Heating in the boiler thinking that would disable the old thermostat.

However it seems that they are now working in series. If both thermostats are ON, the heating will be ON. But if either thermostat is OFF, then the heating will be OFF.

Can anyone please advise what I should do to properly disable the old thermostat.
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Re: Fitting Hive thermostat to a Worcester Greenstar 32CDi boiler

Post by ericmark » Fri Apr 28, 2023 12:22 pm

If you read the "Comfort+ II RF Installation and User Manual" it talks about fitting a key, I have never fitted the Bosch analogue control, and as third party I think only Tado do a thermostat, and not available in the UK.

It seems Bosch offer their engineers parts at a consecratory rate, so it is either/or, either the guys do only Bosch or do all but Bosch, like with Apple Mac PCs.

The idea of analogue control is good, most other makes use OpenTherm.

Can you see the difference between driving a car with either pedal to the metal or turning off engine, or slowly adjusting the throttle setting to what is required? Well the old system of central heating was either fully off or fully on, but the ebus system is like the throttle which can modulate the output.

However with the Bosch there is a problem, not only Bosch, Nest does the same, they don't have connections to the TRV's, although the Hive is not that good, as after 22ºC it stops accepting demands for heat anyway, so wall thermostat needs to be in a cool room.

I have looked at geofencing, I have Nest and it's useless, can't set distance, just eco and comfort settings, not sure if you can set distance with Hive, but may as well have a simple sonoff relay to turn heating off when you go out.

I find "Your contractor must enter the ID no. here" very unhelpful. In other words unless Bosch registered they will tell you nothing. I do have a Bosch boiler, but it's oil not gas, and does not modulate anyway, but to remove the Comfort+ II RF it seems needs a Bosch registered guy.

But why do you want to remove it? In the main it is better than Hive.

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