Fixing Curtain Pole to Wood Batten Already Fixed
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Fixing Curtain Pole to Wood Batten Already Fixed

by CACKHANDER » Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:21 pm

Hi everyone

Just wanted some advice

I've bought some curtain poles that I want to put up on wooden battens which are already up.

The screws supplied with the curtain pole are 4mm wide and 30mm long, there's already a hole in the batten, so when I use an electric screwdriver, the screw only goes in about 20mm

I'm guessing the reason the screw won't go all the way in is because of the wall behind the batten, will self tapping screws work, or do i need to drill a pilot hole for the remaining 10mm, or can I use slightly shorter screws, the batten is fixed solid it's a 30 year old flat, walls are all solid

The brackets require 2 screws and there isn't a hole for the other screw, so i need to make a new hole, as above, would I need to drill a hole or would self tapping screws work

Just wondering what my best option is, the curtains are just bog standard lined curtains, and the pole is 28mm in diameter

I'm 41 and new to DIY, I hadn't even decorated before until last week, so any advice would be much appreciated, thanks

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Re: Fixing Curtain Pole to Wood Batten Already Fixed

by collectors » Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:14 pm

A lot will depend on whats above the window. Catnic/lintel/brick ?. If its brick or lintel i personally would drill straight through your batten & rawlplug it then use 2"/50mm screws minimum as curtain poles tend to have a lot more leverage than swiss curtain track when pulled on.

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