Fixing Dado Rail to Old Brick Walls
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Fixing Dado Rail to Old Brick Walls

by jonoaskew » Thu Sep 20, 2018 12:51 pm

Hi folks,

Hopefully this is in the right section.

I'm having a few issues on fixing dado rails to the walls in my house. Couple of issues: The dado rails aren't perfectly straight in 2.4m lengths and the walls, even though they aren't that bad, aren't totally flat either.

I've tried to use Evo-Stik liquid nails but the dado rail won't stay in place long enough for that to go off. (the rails are sat on nails to hold them up by the way).

I've tried nailing, but the nails go through the plaster board and then hit the stone wall and fail, without holding long enough for the adhesive to go off.

I've even tried screwing as a last resort but they make more of a mess than anything with the dado rail. Although, not tried to properly countersink yet.

The problem is that the rails aren't properly flat. I've currently got them with two weight son either end on a flat wood floor to try and straighten them a bit... not sure if this will work or not?

I feel like I'm making the easiest job highly difficult here, but I'm yet to find a work around.

Also, hope this makes sense as to what the issue is. Wondering if a nail gun might be better for this job as at the minute I've been hammering by hand.

Appreciate any feedback

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