French Cleat design for hanging acoustic panel
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French Cleat design for hanging acoustic panel

by Kasuma » Sat Jan 16, 2021 10:11 am

Hi all,

Trying to hang a big acoustic panel which has a French cleat backing.

panel 30kgs

My issue is; because studs are 61cm apart, should I use one stud for screwing right in the middle of the cleat? or two studs at the very edge of the cleat..?

It seems as if they were on the edge they’d be dangerously close to the side of the wood...

I was going to do two screws into the same (central) stud and then two anchors into plasterboard either side and in between (like a cross formation)... but maybe the cleat should be longer with three screws into the same vertical, central stud??

Any ideas? This is basically a question about wood strength, and screw positioning.

planning to use plyboard. Cheers!

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