Gap Between Plasterboard and Brick for Fitting Shelves
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Gap Between Plasterboard and Brick for Fitting Shelves

by Soutermon » Tue Jul 17, 2018 11:00 pm


I'm a bad DIYer, so go easy on me! I will try to explain in the best terms I can, so hopefully it is understood.

I've bought some Twinslot shelves from B&Q and went to fit them this evening. Whilst drilling the holes for the rawlplugs, I noticed the drill was going through incredibly easily. I poked a skewer through the hole to see why, and it turns out there is roughly a 10cm gap between the plasterboard and the brick wall behind.

Can someone tell me what options I have here? I thought I could maybe get someone to knock down the plasterboard and put a new one up closer to the brick, but the wall has an electric outlet, so I'm assuming the 10cm gap is to accommodate this.

Any help/advice is much appreciated. The wife really wants the shelves for the utility room :)

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