Garage Joist Strengthening and General Questions
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Garage Joist Strengthening and General Questions

by tzitzi81 » Tue Aug 28, 2018 5:29 pm

Hi All,

Looking to put plasterboards on the garage ceiling and some down lighters, not a massive amount of heavy stuff is currently stored there (primarily boxes etc) but I think it would be a good idea to reinforce (existing joint size approx 6mx7.5cmx 4cm distance apart approx 56cm)

The way that I am thinking of doing it as follows and my questions are below

Cable for down lighters.
Strengthen existing joists.
Loft boards for storage.
Add insulation.
Screw plasterboard
Connect lights
Add loft hatch and ladder

Looking for advice below on the following steps please:

Loft boards for storage.

That's how the current boards are (pieces of timbers that don't go all the way so the middle bit is empty for access)

What would you recommend to put for loft boards ?
Happy with the current material however as I said it doesn't go across.

But options that I am thinking

A)Timber board ... 0wodWdgFcQ

B) Chip board ... 0wodmwcGVg

C) Leave as is and just put pieces of timber in between the joists (battoning) and add extra pieces of ply as required

Or any other advice?

Strengthen existing joists

Regarding strengthening existing joists I found the following ways :

1) Sistering - problem with that is that existing joists are more than 6 meters long so it had to be a special order I guess and not the most cost effective way

2)Joist braces -seem the most cost effective way but not sure how effective it is ?

3)Any other suggestions

Also there are pieces of timber that travel laterally at the top and bottom of the garage and was wondering if they server a purpose or they can be removed (it would be harder to board it along with them in place)

Picture below:



Finally any other recommendations in the order of tasks or anything else would be very welcome .


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