Garden drainage to remove pooling water and moss buildup
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Garden drainage to remove pooling water and moss buildup

by Shayshay » Tue Apr 25, 2023 7:58 am

We had our garden landscaped and driveway done too last Oct.
We had chosen porcelain slabs, but now there are areas of water pooling and moss build up in the grout. Also we had a log cabin recently installed and the water run off needs to avoid the cabin due to water ingress.
The landscapers only put in one aco drain along the end of the patio at the point it steps up to the grass area and another patio and the cabin.

The French drain in front of the shed is a tiny strip of concrete with pebbles over it.
They slabbed right up to the new cabin so water splashing onto the logs every time it rains and the inside concrete flow is constantly damp.
So for drainage should we install aco around the perimeter of the garden around the new cabin and direct downpipe gutters from cabin into that?
How do I connect the upper level aco to the one stepped down Av aco currently in place?

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