Glazing Bar Starter End Cap
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Glazing Bar Starter End Cap

by Macflame » Sun Jul 25, 2021 9:13 pm

I am trying to trace a couple of glazing bar starter end caps for my conservatory. It must have been a one off when it was built as finding roof parts is very difficult. I cannot find any snap down caps for the glazing bars (they come as two parts and not the standard one piece fitting. I would be interested in finding those as well.) Does anyone recognise the caps in my photos? It is 112mm at the bottom, 96mm at the side, 92mm at the top, and the angle piece is approx 46mm. It is hard to measure as a bit was chopped out of the cap to make it fit.
IMG_4496 (2).jpg
IMG_4497 (2).jpg

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