Help With Building Control and Water Runoff
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Help With Building Control and Water Runoff

by sheikhsaddy » Thu Feb 14, 2019 9:11 pm

I bought a semi detached house which is the last one in a series of semi-detached properties. There is a public passage next to my house which is blocked from both ends for vehicular access.

I have built an outbuilding in my backyard which is about 40 square meter. All building control inspections done and now the last one is left for Completion. The only problem is where to direct the surface water from the flat roof.

There is no public surface water pipe connected to my house. I called Thames Water to get some information but they only have information (map) till the house second to mine. So that house is in-fact connected to the public mains for surface water but not mine.

I climbed on the roof to check where the surface water from the pitched roof of the house is going and (as expected) it is going to the next door's since theirs have surface water drainage. The neighbors are not interested in me digging a trench through their garden to connect my outbuilding with their surface water drainage.

I considered installing soakaways but there is not enough gap (5m) between the buildings to make it feasible. The only option left for me is to connect the surface water drainage of this new house to the Foul drainage. From what I have searched online, this should be the last resort which is pretty much the case for me.

My concern is what the building control inspector is going to say about it. Any thoughts or experiences that someone can possibly share?