how can I decorate this in mid century modern style?
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how can I decorate this in mid century modern style?

by Magsme » Fri Jun 16, 2023 9:02 am

Hi all, this is my downstairs toilet. It's wide, with the toilet on the right, the basin on the left and the door in the middle.

It's also right in front of my front door - so if anyone forgets to close the door, they just see right into a blank wall!

The rest of the house is also very bland, but evetually, I'd like to have it in a mid-century modern style, so as this is the first room I'm going to do, I want to start the style in here.

Anyone have any ideas on how/what I can do.

I have very limited funds, so retiling, or replacing the fixtures and fittings can't be done.

But I can paint, wallpaper, and decorate.

Thanks in advance!

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