How do I move a steel container?
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How do I move a steel container?

by john9159 » Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:50 pm

I'm on an allotment site where we had a 20ft x 8ft steel container delivered about one year ago by the Local Authority. This was temporarily dropped in one place with a view to moving it to a more suitable and final position.
The LA now say they can't afford to hire the equipment to relocate the container so my problem now is how do I move such a thing with relative ease and minimum cost?
The container is from the Falcon range as supplied by Eagle Containers.

My thanks to any helpful and practical advice.

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by collectors » Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:52 am

If its the type of container you get on the back of lorry's? I would possibly have a look at getting something like a car jack & sliding some scaffold tubes or similar underneath to slide/roll it on. You will still need 1/2 a dozen fit body's to do this.

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Re: How do I move a steel container?

by eeffttees » Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:59 pm

Moving a shipping container is not easy work,

My guess is if it is sitting on soft ground (ie in allotments) the scaffold bar method will not work, you will need a Hiab lorry to pick it up and move it, A 20ft container when empty weighs around 2 tons.

The other option is to get rid of it, totally, but you will need to call a container company or one of these self storage companies who offer cheap storage in these containers,

These guys take shipping containers away for free.

Word of advice about these containers, if you was to put one on your drive or anywhere else on your land for additional storage your local council tax authority will charge you extra council tax.. If they find out you got one, normally if you got not so nice neighbours they report you for having one. Be Aware. if you thinking of getting one.

You don't want go out of your way and buy or rent one pay all the delivery cost and find out your local authority want to up your annual council tax bill. unless you check with you local council tax authority and your happy with the cost. just something to think about.

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