How Much Would This Selection of Home Improvement Projects Cost?
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How Much Would This Selection of Home Improvement Projects Cost?

Post by RetroMum » Mon Dec 08, 2014 4:44 pm

Hi; I've come here looking for maybe someone who would know how much all of thses home improvements would cost? We are thinking about buying a house that would need all this doing and are looking for some rough idea of if we can afford the improvements.....

It needs ;
1. Radiators buying and fitting upstairs (5 radiators)
2. Possibly a new boiler
3. New sink buying and fitting
4. New kitchen worktops buying and fitting
5. New kitchen floor
6. Kitchen, new tiles and tiling
7. Maybe just a whole new kitchen!
8. New interior doors and hanging ( 6 doors)
9. New fireplace
10. Possibly a log fire installing
11. New carpets throughout and fitting

I realise it is just a ball park figure as each thing will vary in cost depending on the things we would choose.......but any idea roughly?
The most important things needing changing would be,
* Old gad fire ripping out, brick fireplace knocking out and then a new fireplace installing
* Radiators installing upstairs

Thanks in advance.

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Re: How Much Would This Selection of Home Improvement Projects Cost?

Post by DIYDoctor1 » Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:33 pm

Hi Kelly,
As you have probably guessed it is virtually impossible to get someone to quote for work remotely without actually seeing it, even if it is ball-park.

As it is a fair amount of work that you are going to get done, you might consider seeing if you could find a builder who would be willing to accompany you to guide you. As there are a lot of contingencies that would all need to fall into place before a builder could actually start this project for you, you would need to pay them for their time and expertise advising you on site. This would be money very well spent by the sounds of it.

You can find a builder here if you don't already had someone in mind:

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