Hudl2 Issues and Missing Images
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Hudl2 Issues and Missing Images

by greengrass » Wed Aug 24, 2016 9:03 am

Hudl2 added scanner app scanned bank statement successfully put it on charge.
Took it off when fully charged did not use it for four hours.
Then loaded two photo file from pc. Left it for another hour off and turned it on found following.
Now home screen changed from late pet picture to one of default pictures.
App ES missing no files or folders other apps gone including a scan app I loaded yesterday and used.
Lost stuff..
Have they really gone or hiding ? The air was blue and unprintable. Is it possible it's done a self reset or caused by background updates?
Thanks for reading and in advance of replies.

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Re: Hudl2 Issues and Missing Images

by ericmark » Sat Feb 11, 2017 12:06 pm

Likely too late now, there are programs like Recuav which can be used to find files which have gone missing.

I had similar problem, turned out my twin RAID drives were failing, I managed to get stuff off the physical drive, I bought a caddie and made it into an external drive, but not found how to read data on the one RAID solid state drive which had not totally failed.

The 2 TB drive I used Chkdsk the hardest bit was to find out the windows key plus X allows you to access the command prompt. Seem to remember Chkdsk C: /r was the command used and I got it all back.

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