I Want my TV in my Bedroom
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I Want my TV in my Bedroom

by Paul-D » Sat Jul 28, 2018 5:43 pm

Hi. I have drilled a hole between my living room and my bedroom. I have 2 plastic plates with areal plugs on them. What I need is the back plates. There is printed circuit board board on the plate which makes it difficult to screw to the wall directly. I DO NOT CARE about the back plate being on the wall as to the modern way of hacking into the wall and burying a base plate. Can't find a base plate that I can screw onto the wall.

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Re: I Want my TV in my Bedroom

by ericmark » Sun Nov 25, 2018 12:09 pm

I used grid switch system and brushes, what you should do is fit back boxes and then screw the face plate to back box, the face plates come in three different flavours.

1) Basic just a connector.
2) With a filter to stop you getting a shock from static.
3) With a band pass filter allowing you to combine and split radio and TV.

Also some have a screw connector and some have push.

The filters can stop things like digi eye working, as they will not pass DC, and it seems hard to find them without filters. Also limited how many connections on one plate.

So the LAP grid system done by screwfix has the option to fit black brushes to a face plate, I used these to get a bunch of cables into the house and look neat, I have used silicon sealant to stop spiders, but where not seen.

LAP Twin Flex Outlet Black (49931) + LAP 1-Gang Front Plate with Double Module Aperture White (42092) Screwfix part numbers, think they will do job for you, have a look.

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