Is this a fair quote, neighbor wants me to split half?
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Is this a fair quote, neighbor wants me to split half?

by CN99 » Tue Dec 19, 2023 6:13 pm

4 6ft feather edge panels and posts, a few breezeblocks and wall reinforcment (??? seems pretty minimal)

600 fence materials (seems pretty high, I found it much cheaper online)

600 fence labour (3 guys one day) i only saw two and they barely even did a day mostly seemed to work on the neighbors garden)

150 wall materials (again seems high its like 7 breezeblocks and some cement)

300 bricklayer (didnt even see him dunno how long those 7 breezeblocks took)

400 profit insurance fuel etc (seems fair enough but idk)

so split in half (if hes not taking me for a ride is 1050) that seems mad high but idk

IM NOT asking about why I didnt and didnt agree with my neighbor (I didnt) and IM NOT asking for legal advice, Im asking purely whether this quote seems reasonable (southwest UK)


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Re: Is this a fair quote, neighbor wants me to split half?

by stoneyboy » Thu Dec 21, 2023 9:52 pm

Hi cn99,
It’s always very difficult to comment on a remote job. Anybody giving you guidance would need to know the quality of the materials used, location of the site eg town centre, accessibility of the site, remoteness of suppliers to site, existing ground conditions ….. the list goes on. Clearly the job has been completed so a quote is irrelevant.
If the fence is a boundary between you and your neighbour you should look at your deeds and see who is responsible for the fence.
Regards S

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