Joist cut for new hatch
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Joist cut for new hatch

Post by sgg123 » Mon Nov 07, 2022 10:59 am

Hi all,

I would appreciate some advice on a joist cut I need to make to enlarge our loft hatch opening to accommodate a new hatch/ladder combo.

The picture below shows the existing opening and the red line shows the proposed opening. As you will see, I need to cut through joist A at the top of the picture. (perhaps ignore the 2 pale wood pieces coming of that joist on hangers - that was me attempting create some support, but I sense this might be the wrong approach!)

IMG_20221107_080834 (Medium).jpg

Here is shot from below if it helps:

IMG_20221107_081132 (Medium).jpg

Also, I thought it's worth sketching out the odd shape of the house:

IMG_20221107_102759 (Medium).jpg

My question is, can I cut this joist, and if so what support do I need in place?

Do I need to remove the existing trimmers and then hang new trimmers off the intact joists either side of the gap as per the thick blue lines below?:

IMG_20221107_080835 (Medium).jpg

If I were to do this would I need some temporary support in place in order to remove the old trimmers and cut the joist?

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Re: Joist cut for new hatch

Post by thedoctor » Mon Nov 07, 2022 6:35 pm


We have a project that deals with exactly how to do this here: ... _hatch.htm

Hope this helps

Kind Regards

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