Leaning Chimney Pot After Replacement
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Leaning Chimney Pot After Replacement

by phoenixchb » Sat May 20, 2023 5:37 pm

tilting chimney pot pixel resize.jpg
I am seeking advice on a tilting chimney pot please.

I have just had a cracked chimney pot replaced.

The replacement chimney pot has been installed at a slight angle, it is not vertical. (refer photo). The replacement pot is smaller in aperture than the original pot, and I think that could account for the tilt given that the 'flaunching' has been so built up. It is higher than the surrounding chimney pots.

It is for an 'active' fire, even tho' I don't use and will never use. I do have concerns about rain ingress as rain/wind often come from the NW (the direction in which the opening of the chimney pot is now pointing. That chimney pot is sheltered to a degree by the neighbour's chimneypot btw.

Obviously I am also concerned about the cosmetic appearance - in my view a sensible potential house purchaser would say 'Hmmm - that looks like a potential problem!'

Is this something that needs to be corrected quickly? What potential issues are lying in wait?

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Re: Leaning Chimney Pot After Replacement

by stoneyboy » Sun May 21, 2023 9:58 pm

Hi phoenixchb,
Get the contractor back to put it right before the flaunching gets to full strength.
Regards S

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