Loft Conversion for large roofs
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Loft Conversion for large roofs

by Loftconversionshelp » Wed Dec 29, 2021 5:19 pm

Hi all,

What would your recommendation be for a house with a large vertical loft space. I live on a road where the two end houses have these large peaks, and the ones in the middle are smaller.

The floor plan is 6.8m by 5m. The height is hard to estimate, but the lowest point looks around 2.5m, and I would guess the top is around 3 of me, so about 5/6m.

The neighbours have converted theirs, but they did it for rental purposes making two separate rooms at the minimum height and then left the rest of the loft for storage. So making a 4 bed, but only one bathroom on the first floor.

I would like to use mine for a master bedroom with ensuite, and then hopefully a bit of room to have a corner for an open office.

Should I make it all bare and expose the whole roof, or would that be too tall?

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Re: Loft Conversion for large roofs

by stoneyboy » Thu Dec 30, 2021 10:43 pm

Hi loftconversionshelp,
It is difficult to give a firm recommendation because you have not included any details about the existing roof structure. However there is little point in having a 5/6 metre high roof because it will cost a lot more structurally and will have heating/cooling issues. You will probably have to add structural steelwork so plan your design with this in mind.
Best to find a local structural technician who will be able to advice you (for a fee!).
Regards S

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