Loft conversion Full Plans Application Submitted but now expired.
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Loft conversion Full Plans Application Submitted but now expired.

by Phew! » Thu May 26, 2022 9:25 pm

Please can anyone advise?

Pre-war semi-detached joined at the hallways.

We used an architect to submit a Full Plans Application with party wall agreement for a Loft Conversion Dormer with En-suite in 2016. There has been no contact with the local council building control regarding the start date as no work commenced due to a change in circumstances (redundancy), and the plan was left to expire.

Later, we used a highly recommended roofer to reroof and work alongside a joiner to strengthen the floor (We have no receipt or building regulation certificates for any completed work to date).

Roofer followed the expired plan to add two skylight windows to the front of the roof slope, extend the depth of the rafters and place rigid board insulation between them, then topped it all with quilted insulation and batons ready to be plasterboarded by the homeowner, me. The room into the eaves is 15Ft x 27 ft with a finished ceiling height of 215 cm.

Joiner worked along the side the roofer to fit new joists that now run alongside existing ones and span between load-bearing walls with acoustic insulation and are topped with nailed down boards into the eaves. It is a clean, bright, and airy storage room with the future view of becoming a skylight loft conversion.

Electrician, family member qualified was used to fit four-socket boxes, and cables that now wait at the brick wall, ready to be connected should we ever have the funds to make it into a basic habitable room. We already had a ceiling light which is all the room needs. However, recently, I was told to be classed as an inhabitable room, it is only allowed one wall socket, and the local council could force us to complete it to habitable due to having more than one socket. I now worry.

In future, we want a staircase added (currently, the room has a hatch with a pulldown loft ladder fitted by me in 2014). We currently use the room two or three times a year to add storage and inspect each winter. It is a solid and dry room done to an excellent standard.

My four questions are:

1) Would a loft company inspect the completed work, fit new stairs, fire safety doors, and interconnected fire alarms and provide a completion certificate. I am aware that parts of the plasterboard ceiling completed by myself and the nailed down boards that the roofer and joiner completed will need removing to inspect to the company's standards. or have we gone too far with the room that no one will want to touch it?

2) Are there any other ways of gaining a completion certificate?

3) Can you advise us on how to move forward? Today we don't need the extra habitable room as our children have fled the nest, and we plan to sell soon. It would be good to either finish it for added value or do nothing and hope it hasn't been over completed and will satisfy a future surveyors report during a potential sale.

4) Should we have any other concerns?

Thank you for yor time.

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Re: Loft conversion Full Plans Application Submitted but now expired.

by stoneyboy » Mon May 30, 2022 10:38 pm

Hi phew!
You do not say whether the Building Inspector (BI) was used to inspect the work you have already carried out. If yes you have started work and your PP is still valid but the BI will not issue a completion certificate until you have finished all the notifiable works involved. If no, you may have to start again but are your proposals going to give you a return when you sell? Bear in mind that having a loft conversion is really messy for a long time, perhaps sound out the market with the house as is.
Regards S

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