Log cabin/garden office project
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Log cabin/garden office project

by dazzathedrummer » Thu May 28, 2020 6:12 pm

We've got a large wood framed garage in our back garden - we reckon it dates back to 1937 when the house was built.
At the moment it's clad in it's original corrugated asbestos panels.
We'd like to know what we'd need to do to convert it into a garden office/living space once it's stripped back to its frame.

These are the details (I've used imperial measurements as that's how it was constructed): -
8ft x 16ft (looks like two 8ft frames stuck together)
All timbers are 1 3/8th inch x 2 3/8th inch spaced at 2ft centres.
The roof is pitched to the centre and rises from a 6ft 10in ceiling height up another 1ft 8in in the centre of the pitch.
Roof trusses (same size timbers as the walls) are spaced at 4ft centres.
Concrete base.

I've added some photos (excuse the mess!).

We really want to know if the frame needs any extra reinforcement in order to have a decent roof (probably fake plastic slates as used on other summer house type constructions) and be clad externally and internally.
IMG_0608 (1).jpeg
IMG_0607 (1).jpeg
IMG_0606 (1).jpeg
IMG_0604 (1).jpeg

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