New light fitting but is this safe?
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New light fitting but is this safe?

by Matt0689 » Thu Feb 23, 2023 2:03 pm

Hi All,

DIYer here, no real knowledge as an electrician.

Was just trying to fit a new light in my landing and I am doing so on the rose that has a lot of wires coming from it.

Rather than taking the rose off and trying to wire up a new light with a junction box myself (as this would probably go wrong) I simply cut off the old light and wired the live and neutral into the new one. I then screwed the bracket under the old rose (still wired up as was) and secured the new fitting with everything inside.

Inside the fitting there is a lot of slack wire from the light as it is designed to be quite long if you want it to be and we didn't. So I am slightly concerned that all this is pressed up against the wires from the rose.

Hopefully the images attached show what I have done clearly.

Please can somebody let me know if this is passable as safe, if it isn't I will have to fork out for an electrician as I don't feel confident wiring up a new junction box myself.

Also, I have the old plastic cover for the previous rose, I could try and fit that in as well to protect the wires - if that would make a difference.

Thanks, Matt.
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Re: New light fitting but is this safe?

by Mr White » Fri Feb 24, 2023 10:50 am

Anything pressing on wires is never a good idea, and just "because it works" does not mean it is safe. It is not possible to tell from this end of a keyboard exactly what is or is not happening.

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