No PP/Building warrant Scotland
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No PP/Building warrant Scotland

by JimScotland » Thu Nov 17, 2022 1:43 pm

Hello all

Back in 2009 I applied for planning and had internal work done (walls moved/downstairs toilet installed/new electrics/plumbing/windows).

The Planning Dept visited the property halfway through the project and seemed happy enough, left a notice of the outstanding work to be carried out. These were minor finishes that have been completed over the years (air vents to new kitchen and down stairs toilet plus new stairs installed to the rear). I never followed up the outstanding notice to complete the application, and the planning expired after 3 years of application (life got in the way/illness..)

We are now looking to sell up but i am worried this outstanding planning application will throw a spanner in the works. I asked the council planning dept for advice and all they would say is the planning application I submitted has expired.

So, do I need to start a new planning application retrospectively or is it too late after 13 years? Ironically, if I never notified the council of the intended works in the first place, this would not be an issue, but now I have an incomplete building application showing against the property.

I'm just worried any potential sale might be jeopardised, as i know lenders can be fussy about providing mortgages on properties with outstanding planning.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated as it's causing great stress to the Wife and I!