Opinions on accoustic glass for curing traffic noise?
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Opinions on accoustic glass for curing traffic noise?

by cdrrogue » Sun Nov 22, 2020 11:40 pm


I'm currently living in a flat fairly close to a busy road, and the sound of traffic has been driving me nuts. The offending window is a large bay (not a walk in one, a suspended box area - I'm unsure of the term!) window with double glazing, which have been sealed up with accoustic chaulk, but honestly it sounds like the windows are open all the time.

The window sticks out about 4 feet with a roof structure above.

I had a contractor come round and he thinks changing the casements would be a very expensive job, and suggested secondary glazing across the entire window opening instead. (ie, not on the windows themselves, but rather covering the opening to the box area)

He quoted for standard 4mm glass, as well as much thicker accoustic glass, which is a fair bit more expensive.

Just wondered if anyone had any experience with accoustic glass, whether it's truly worth it? My other concern was the position of the secondary glazing. A lot of what I've read has suggested it should be fairly close to the windows, where as this would just be another sheet of glass a few feet from the actual windows. Would it still be beneficial?


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Re: Opinions on accoustic glass for curing traffic noise?

by B4Less » Mon Jan 11, 2021 4:59 pm

This system of secondary glazing works very well. You see it a lot in hotels in cities. Not sure how the distance from the widow would matter. As long as the secondary glazing is well sealed and is in past the area that is causing the issue it should work. I would suggest that is your best bet and you won't know yourself when it's done.

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