Opinions on RSJ's Where one will Rest on Another
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Opinions on RSJ's Where one will Rest on Another

by Snan00 » Fri May 05, 2017 7:24 am

Hi, I got a planning permission of knocking a wall down between two room downstairs and make a through lounge including removal of a chimney breast. I got a technical question about RSJ Beams. Though my builder is doing it as per plan but I'm just wondering if I can have an opinion on following please as I have never come across this before ?

I got a chimney breast coming off where we putting a RSJ of dimensions 203x102@30kg. On one end, this RSJ will be overlapping/ sitting on another RSJ of 203x102@23kg.

My question is the area of where these 2 x RSJs are sitting on each other, how long / big this area should be to be safe? 1 ft or 2 ft or 2.5 ft??


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