Painting the outside of a half rendered house
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Painting the outside of a half rendered house

Post by toaster » Sun Jan 20, 2008 1:18 pm

Our house is 1930s detached and the first floor is painted render. It's looking in need of repainting (though it would last another couple of years).

a) how often should one expect to have to repaint the exterior rendering?

b) It's all fairly accessible apart from one area where we abut the neighbours flat roofed (plastic) walkway, is it reasonable to do a DIY job from ladders or is scaffolding and/or platforms a must?

c) surface area is approx 10m x 3m x 3.5 = 105m2 - how long should we expect this to take and at what point does it become more practical to paay someone else?

d) how much is a reasonable quote for the above anyway?

Any feedback and advice much appreciated!


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Post by tims-tool-time » Sun Jun 22, 2008 5:31 pm

Hi toaster

if this is the rough cast 1930's finish it is straight forward but hard work. you posed a number of questions and the answers will very much depend on the condition of the render and the paint work.
1. to clean it off you can use a pressure washer, be prepared for flaky paint to go every where,
2. if it is flacky paint use a sandtex stabiliser this is a very runny product so a 4-6 inch emulsion brush and an old paint pot are the best tools
3. use sandtex paint it is good for 10 -15 years if done well and not near the sea, if you are in a coastal position every 3-4 years
ladder and a good pair for boots
tower is great but not as quick
best method of application to rough cast is a top quality wall brush for smooth render a roller is best and a long extension pole. I have struggled for years with a broom handle but buying the real thing was a bargain it save hours.

pay someone if you want! it do the job your self budget 10-15 liters paint and 5 liters stabilizer the so materials 50-100 quid and a long weekend of work for you.

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Post by shadow.0000 » Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:30 am

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