Pc window jammed, handle moves
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Pc window jammed, handle moves

by MorganB » Fri Jul 08, 2022 8:53 pm

Hi, I've come stuck with an old job window that's jammed closed. It opens at the base. The handle moves, and in the middle and right side there is slight movement, so I know it's just the shootbolt on the left that's stuck.

I've removed the handle and checked that the pin isn't falling out and it isn't. I've tried looking for lots of advice and watching videos but they all rely on using something right angled to move the mushroom along to move the shootbolt back.

The problem is I've checked on another window that opens and they don't have mushrooms, there is no visible mechanism along the base, just the round ends of the shootbolts which come out at the sides at the base and they sit into their own u shaped metal niches, so there's no way I can think of to be able to push the shootbolt back in on that side.

I'm happy to try a lot of diy but I don't want to start removing glass as it's the nursery window, I can't afford to replace it which i would need to do immediately if it went wrong. I suppose I'm asking if anyone knows of any way other than using the mushrooms to pull a shootbolt back in? Given I can remove the handle I'm wondering if there's any way I can pull it back in from that end instead? Tia

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