Problem With Cavity Wall Anchor to Hang Mirror
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Problem With Cavity Wall Anchor to Hang Mirror

by Hopez80 » Thu Dec 05, 2019 9:03 pm

Hi there,

I wanted to hang a heavy mirror around 15kg to my wall so I tried to change my DIY newbie status after some help and advice from a kind-hearted worker at Homebase.

I learned I was drilling into plasterboard.

So I bought these m5 10mm cavity anchor wall fittings especially for plasterboard -

I measured the wall and marked my 2 drill points for two hooks:

I drilled 2 holes 10mm holes fine (initially I drilled pilot holes and it was fine)

The cavity wall anchor on the left-hand side is perfect:

My problem is the right-hand side

When I put the metal plug in the wall it was fine, when I tried to screw in the screw it went about a third in and then started to turn the metal plug and would no longer screw...So I stopped and removed the metal plug and screw.

My questions:

a) Why would the left hand side be perfect but the right hand side be problematic like this?

b) On closer inspection inside the problem hole it seems like the plasterboard is not thick enough as I can see the spongy(fluffy) stuff in the wall - so why is the plasterboard thick enough on the left handside that worked?

c) how do I fix this?

I am afraid to drill another right hand side hole because perhaps the plasterboard throughout the wall is not thick enough...Maybe it is...I'm so confused.

I am a DIY newbie so I am keen to learn how to fix this....

Please help

Thanks in advance for any replies I receive

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