Quartz Dining Table help
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Quartz Dining Table help

by DIYDIYHELP » Thu May 18, 2023 7:53 pm

I'm moving into my first home next week and will preface by saying I am very new to the DIY scene. Whilst looking for furniture I have struggled to find a decent dining table within my price range and have instead decided to use some quartz offcuts which were leftover from the kitchen to build my table.

The size of the quarts is 72x36 inches (20mm) and weighs around 83.5kg/184lbs. I've sourced the four industrial size Y shaped table legs (https://taylorsc.co.uk/collections/dini ... ated-set-4) and my plan is to attach MDF sheets to the bottom of the quartz (using epoxy or glue) and then to drill the legs into the MDF.

I understand that this would end up being a fairly heavy table and essentially my question is whether I should add any further support to the underside of the table in order to prevent racking etc. or whether my initial plan should create a stable table?


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