Reinforcement of timber roof for garden log cabin
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Reinforcement of timber roof for garden log cabin

by SeaRachel » Tue Jul 21, 2020 8:30 am

Hi, any advice appreciated..

I recently purchased a log cabin for an office in my garden. I would like to attach a yoga swing to the top beam for my daughter and I .

This has been done with the heavy duty, load bearing, metal disk and metal plugs with metal raw plugs (though they might have a different name) that came with the swing. So this bit feels secure.

However, the timber roofing panels leading up to the central beam (no part of the swing or attachments is touching these panels), have split down the middle from the weight.

Basically the top, central timber beam the swing is attached to is strong enough, but the roofing panels themselves are not (even though it held 2 men to fit the felt).

Can I just attach another bit of wood horizontal to the vertical beams? Would that work or is there a better way? Many thanks in advance!!

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