Replacement battery charger for Ryobi drill. Confused !!!
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Replacement battery charger for Ryobi drill. Confused !!!

by Brian » Fri Nov 12, 2021 7:35 pm

I seem to be going round in circles.
The old Ryobi charger, the Ryobi BC-1815-S charger that is for 18.0v Ryobi BPP-1820 batteries has finally given up on me after many years of domestic use. It was being used and charging fine and then just stopped, no lights, nothing. I changed the fuse in the plug but no effect.
So I thought I would get a new, modern charger rather than a 2nd hand/used one from Ebay.
I looked at this type ... ... 2573034386

and this one .... ... SwjpFhX-0W

Now this is where I get confused.

For both different chargers different sellers (all from China) give differing answers. One says it will work with the BPP-1820 and another says it won't. The same for both style of charger so I just don't know what will work or not !

Can anyone please shed some light on this for me, will either of these chargers recharge the batteries or not ?

Many Thanks


Read more: ... z7C21r3v2W

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